Wavetrac Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential - Ford Fiesta ST 2014-

Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential - Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2019

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Stop spinning your wheels!

• Innovative:
Patented Wavetrac design automatically improves grip in low traction conditions. This feature is truly innovative and unlike any other torque biasing diff design.

• Superior Materials:
9310 steel gears run in case-hardened billet or forged steel bodies. ARP fasteners used throughout.

• Maintenance Free:
As supplied new, the Wavetrac differential will perform a lifetime of service without maintenance or rebuilds.

• Customizable:
If desired, you can alter the diff’s behavior to suit your needs using optional components.

Limited LIFETIME Warranty:
All Wavetrac differentials include a transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty.

 Designed from a clean sheet, the new Wavetrac Differential brings current gear technology to the market. Internally, its gear tooth forms are optimized for strength and improved oil film retention over competitive designs. Our gear package is smaller, reducing overall mass, yet is more durable. Attention was also paid to the side gear/axle interface, putting as much material thickness as possible in this critical area - most important when power levels get high. Each Wavetrac Differential is crafted from the highest quality materials available. The internal gears are made from high strength 9310 alloy steel. The diff bodies are machined from case hardened steel billet. To complete the package, every Wavetrac differential is built exclusively using high quality, high strength fasteners from ARP, the world leader in fastener technology. 


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I installed this differential on a weekend. I autocross my Focus ST a bit, and generally corner in a very spirited manner. This is the single best upgrade to the car so far. With a stock open differential, foot to the floor, you will experience understeer in these cars. An upgraded rear sway bar and tires like the Michelin Pilot Sport 4s will help, but there's always a wild wheel going willy nilly to the oncoming lane. With the Wavetrac installed, the car pulls corners deep. It is impossible to relate what a change it makes in steerability and traction gained in straight take offs, or cornering pull. Now when I pull that 90 degree track corner, I know I have the dig and stability to not have to lift. I grin a little, thinking of how winter driving will be.

Brent K.
United States United States


Thanks for the great feedback Brent :-)


The Best Modification You Can Do to a FWD Car

I had been wanting to do this to my car for a very long time because I know from research and other cars like the new Honda Civic Type R, that has a LSD fitted as standard, just how much of a difference it makes to the traction of a FWD car. So I have it fitted now. Let’s cut to the chase. Its awesome. Its incredible. I cant believe how much of a difference it makes. Its utterly brilliant. There is no other single thing that you can do to your car that will make such a dramatic difference. And its all massively positive changes. Do this mod before you do anything else to your car. Why have big power if you cant put it down. Im telling you, it transforms the car into a real handling weapon. OK now I have that out of the way, some more detail. Firstly, in the Fiesta ST it is essential to turn the ESC off. The ESC tries to stop what the diff can give and just shuts the fun down just as you are getting started. You will get into the habit of turning it off every time you get into the car. With ESC off you can clearly feel the diff working, turning the outside wheel to literally suck the car into a corner. Its an awesome feeling compared to the open diff and allows for much more rapid progress. It gives the car a lot more stability at all speeds. I have been able to drive the car around bends as fast as it can go whereas before caution and lower speed would be required because the car would feel unsteady and on the edge. Now its almost magically planted and stable. It also gives extra weight to the steering which is a positive. I feel that there is definitely more feedback through the steering wheel about what the tyres are doing. Torque steer seems to be almost entirely gone. Full throttle in 1,2 and 3rd the car pulls straight and true. Its really amazing and a massive improvement. I have run standard and stage 1 tunes and the benefits are there with both. I have driven at 135kmh around a 60kmh bend and the front just claws and bites for grip and hurls you around while the rear felt like it might lose traction. Heart pounding but awesome. It is a very expensive mod to do, especially if you live outside the US. I am in Australia and I got hit with all kinds of fees and charges that really added up. Then there is fitting. You have to fit new bearings and seals, sourced by the fitter, and new oil. You want Penrite 70/75 Full synthetic in Australia atleast. So yeah it is a hassle and expensive but worth every penny IMO. My little Fiesta feels very special now.

David A.


Wow! thanks for the amazing feedback David, we love it :-)


Wavetrac Review 2016 Fiesta ST

Unbelievable. The amount of additional mechanical traction you get from having this installed is like having another car pulling your car ahead of you. The day I picked my car up from the shop that installed it, it was raining for 8 hours beforehand. The car just hooks up and goes, its almost like having standard open diff all-wheel-drive. Its alot more stable when switching lanes quickly on the highway, deceleration is much smoother as there is no zero load moment after the clutch connects the engine to the transmission. The car is much smoother around 45 degree and 90 degree corners on smooth road in the rain.... where as before the outer or inner from tire would start spinning. Even when traction is lost, the car grips like crazy and the spin of BOTH front wheel is pulling the car forward. Tires on my car are Federal 595RS-RR 215/40/17 on OEM rims Protuned by Stratified on E30, dynoed at DB Performance in Rogers, MN on a Dyno Dynamics "heartbreaker" 196.2whp 300wtq (Stock was 176.9whp 207wtq) crank 218hp 295tq. Cobb Rear Motor Mount Stock OEM Springs front and rear Avg Cobb 0-60mph without the LSD is 6.4 second with above traction advantages. The LSD was installed with (2364-ATB-HW) ATB Differential Installation Kit, B299 Fiesta ST from Mountune which is very important as its common for some of the parts that are needed to install the LSD to brake during the attempt to transfer from Open diff to LSD process, it happened at the shop I had the diff put on. Whether you are tuned or looking to go Big Turbo eventually, or like to hit the track.... this is a must have mod for the fiesta st.

A M.
Minnesota, USA