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VF-Engineering Rear Engine Mount - Ford Focus SPI / Zetec / SVT / Duratec 00-07

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    Billet / Polyurethane Engine Mounts
    The Ford Focus factory engine mounts were designed as soft, flexible units, to provide a comfortable drive. The drawback was the relatively large amount of engine movement the OEM mounts allowed under torque load and on hard acceleration. Such engine movement decreases stability under high performance driving conditions and rapid gear selection.

    To reduce this movement VF-Engineering engineered a complete fitted replacement with specially shaped molded, high durometer polyurethane inserts. The mount body is machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum, being almost twice as strong than the OE cast material. Installation should take no more than 10-15 minutes. This high performance mount provides a difference in the stability of the car when accelerating and braking hard. Gear changing under hard acceleration is also enhanced.

    NOTE: For street use, we recommend using only the rear engine mount. Using all mounts together will cause some vibration (due to the nature of performance polyurethane mounts) that may not be desired for a daily driver, and is more for track use (Road racing, drag racing, autocross, etc).

    Ford Focus SPI 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
    Ford Focus Zetec 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
    Ford Focus SVT 2002 2003 2004
    Ford Focus Duratec 2.0L & 2.3L 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

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    Dana S.

    Says what it does, does what it says

    Really impressed with this product, and with FSWerks. Product was shipped promptly, and arrived quickly. Pros: - Reduced wheel hop/tramp - Controlled power delivery - Improved control during "spirited" driving - Greatly reduced engine movement (twist/windup) which reduces stress on the flex pipe in the exhaust (I have broken 2 flex pipes - not FSwerks products - due to excessive engine movement, prior to installing this product). Cons: - Some minor vibration in the cabin at idle, and at very low engine speeds, under load (e.g. moving off gently from a stop) when you would normally expect some vibration from a 4 cylinder. Not a huge difference, but it is noticeable. Very acceptable trade off for a daily driver, considering the improvements in overall performance. I highly recommend this product if you have any sporting intentions with your car.

    Michael C.
    United States

    Rear Engine Mount SVT Focus 2004

    This made the engine not rotate at all, the part in it was a KOREAN, part and the small end of the dogbone bushings were shot. You could actually push on the exhaust system towards the back and the whole engine and transmission would go back and forth. With the new part installed problem solved, and no more clunk when starting, and shifting from 1st to 2nd gear, never seemed right since purchasing this car. Also replaced the top mounts with Ford OEM parts and now the engine is smooth as silk, plus new clutch, much smoother, and great product to get me going, well worth the price.


    great product

    Replaced the factory mount on my 2006 st with 85000 miles. It does stiffen the engine when shifting and under quick acceleration. I am quite happy with this product. The construction of it is superb! The polyurethane inserts are very nice and it is also lighter than the factory mount. I guess that's what you would expect when spending over $100 on an engine mount. The install was a little harder than I expected because I could not take the bracket off of my car. I don't know if anyone else had this problem but I could not take the top bolt on the bracket out because it would hit the steering rack. So after moving around/jacking up the engine to get the holes aligned I got it to fit. It was a tight squeeze for the polyurethane inserts because they are slightly bigger than the rubber ones on the factory mount. I would suggest using some wd40 to help. The vibration at idle is not too bad and does not bother me. Also the shipping from fswerks was great! This was my first purchase and I was satisfied with the shipping speed and packaging. I will be a returning customer very soon.

    Leyland Modispacher

    Top Notch

    I replaced my OE Mout at 90k miles. The only problem I have is the vibrations through the cab, but not a bad trade off for quality product. Will be getting motor motor mounts soon. Caution though if you have more than 1, it will be quite loud in the cabin

    Derrick Codomo
    United States

    High quality stuff

    Just installed the poly lower engine mount, the shifting (automatic) doesn't thud in the same way anymore. Still a lot of vibrations but that is probably from the hydraulic mount which needs replacing still. I can say that the build quality is superb, very light for how beefy it is, smoothly machined. Expecting it to last the life of the car and then some.

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