Lubro Moly Liqui Moly/Lubro Moly Fully Synthetic Gear Oil - GL 5 SAE 75W-90

Liqui Moly Fully Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Oil - GL 5 SAE - 1 Liter

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Fully Synthetic Gear Oil
  • outstanding wear protection
  • optimum high-pressure properties
  • high rust and corros
Intended use:
For highload manual and auxiliary trans-missions, particularly modern transaxlesystems and axle drives.

Fully synthetic gear oil is a high-performance, highpressure gear oil for high-load manual, auxiliary, transaxle 
and hypoid transmissions which require a lubricant according 
to API GL 5. High-quality, fully synthetic base oils and 
modern additive technology guarantee a wide application 
range for this oil as well as optimum transmission lubrication 
under extreme conditions.

Wide viscosity range.
Outstanding wear protection.
Optimum high-pressure properties.
High rust and corrosion protection.
Low manual shifting effort.
Reduces transmission noise.

Fully Synthetic. Allows for easier shifting and quieter 
Built in filling hose for easy installation.

For Manual Transmissions, Transaxles and rear axles where 
API GL-5 is specified.

Miscible with any mineral-base oil residues remaining during 
oil changes in transmissions and axle drives.
Fully Synthetic Gear 
Oil 75W-90 
1 Liter
Part no. LM2048
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Specifications / Approvals:
MIL-L-2105 C/D

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