FSWERKS Stainless Steel Catback Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus ST 2.0L 2013-2018

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Introducing the new FSWERKS Stealth Exhaust system for the Ford Focus ST EcoBoost. We use 3" diameter mandrel bent T304 stainless steel tubing in our design for maximum flow and horsepower (supports over 500whp). The FSWERKS Stealth Exhaust system features a 24" stainless steel high-flow straight-through design muffler and is finished off with beautifully polished dual doubled wall 4" angle cut T304 stainless steel tips. Also included are the necessary clamps, hardware and instructions to allow for an easy installation. All FSWERKS stainless steel exhaust systems are backed by a 5 year limited warranty. This system retains all factory emissions equipment and is CARB legal.

Note: Due to the large package size this item only ships UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Light Weight Design
• Stock OEM exhaust system weight = ~45lbs 
• FSWERKS exhaust system weight = ~40lbs

Stainless Tubing
• Mandrel bent heavy wall T304 stainless steel construction
• Provides optimal flow

Precision Welding
• Tig and Mig welds are used on our system

Stainless Steel Flanges and Hanger Rods
• All of our exhaust flanges are laser cut out of T304 stainless steel and our hanger rods are cut from solid bars

Dual Angle Cut Tip
• Precision angle cut tip for aggressive look
• Welded on stainless steel with etched FSWERKS logo

Optional accessories you may be interested in:
Wurth Exhaust Assembly Paste

Ford Focus ST 2.0L EcoBoost Hatchback 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Note: Supplied with all necessary clamps and mounting hardware for assembly. No welding required.


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FSWERKS FSWERKS Stainless Steel Catback Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus ST 2.0L 2013-2018 ReviewFSWERKS FSWERKS Stainless Steel Catback Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus ST 2.0L 2013-2018 ReviewFSWERKS FSWERKS Stainless Steel Catback Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus ST 2.0L 2013-2018 Review

Review of the Stealth system on my '17 ST

My ST that I installed the system on is a 2017 St3 version with 40K on the odometer. The mods include a 3” Steeda intake tube with the stock airbox and a RS top cover with a K&N filter, Shifter & bracket bushing mods, short throw shifter mod, clutch hydraulic line replacement, Trans mount replaced with Poly , and a Cobb stage 2 tune. But the exhaust replacement mod took forever for me to decide on which exhaust I would go with. Because at my age (old tuner) I wasn’t interested a lot of noise. With the stock down pipe/turbo the 3” cat back systems are only going to give you 7-8 hp increase over the stock exhaust at best with all the other mods and tune. So, I couldn’t see much sense in running around making an obscene amount of noise pissing everyone off like a zipper head with a 4” juice can muffler. After a lot of research, I decided on the FSworks “Stealth” system. It’s very quiet at idle without the usual for the aftermarket systems “motor boat” sound, just a quiet low frequency rumble, it gets throaty after you wind it up above 3000 rpm, very sweet sounding outside the car, again throaty not harsh ear splitting. I can tell you that on the interstate with the cruise control running at 60,65,70, &75 Mph in 6th gear there is no drone and you can carry on a normal conversation…nice! The only time that it gets noisy in the car is when you run up a hill without downshifting and let the torque of the 2.0 do its thing. Then it WILL develop a low frequency drone. I experienced this same scenario under a torque load when I was running a larger more open Steeda airbox. (that’s why I went back to the stock airbox with the RS cover) But, if that bothers you, drop down a gear and it’s gone. As far as the fit and finish and the quality of the product I would say it was top notch. I have a lift in my garage so I can’t comment on what the install would be like using jack stands. But for me, working on the lift by myself it took about an hour for the removal of stock system and install of the Stealth system. It fit like a glove, no clearance or rub issues, hanger brackets exactly located, nice band clamps, beautiful looking tig welds. I did purchase a new gasket for the 2 bolt flange before I started not knowing what the condition of the original would be after 6 years and 40K miles. It was serviceable, but new was better! So at the end of the day it’s well made, the SS tips look great, and it sounds just right…Go for it! Jack K

John K.
United States United States
FSWERKS FSWERKS Stainless Steel Catback Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus ST 2.0L 2013-2018 ReviewFSWERKS FSWERKS Stainless Steel Catback Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus ST 2.0L 2013-2018 Review

Exactly what I was after. 5 stars for performance.

Finally installed my FSWERKS FMIC, catted down pipe, stealth exhaust system and even decided to throw on the Cobb rear motor mount I got at Christmas. My ST already had a cat back Roush exhaust that was installed before I bought it, I never liked how loud it was inside the car since at 75 on the freeway yelling was needed to have a conversation and normal around town driving was unbearably loud at almost all RPM past 2,000. Did a lot of research before buying and deciding to go with the FSWERKS stealth system but was very hesitant on the down pipe thinking it would be louder than I already had. A short conversation with Vic had me less but still hesitant but sold me on it. The intercooler purchase was a no brainer. So, the install... I watched so many Youtube installs that I felt it'd be easy to do in a single day. The intercooler with the downloadable instructions went pretty smooth, only thing I worried about was the map sensor module and wires are a tight fit so wires were in contact with the AC condenser and I thought vibration might wear them so I protected them. Now the down pipe came with zero instructions and after a call to support found out it was missing the hardware to bolt it to the bracket that attaches right at the motor mount (8mm x 35 bolt) and the gasket. Another area of note was the top O2 sensor bung would not let me fully thread the sensor in, found that the hole cut in the pipe was not "cleaned up" (See images) so the port was not clear for the sensor. A Dremel with a metal bit took care of it. other than that and those damn O2 sensor clips it went in great. The cat back exhaust system could have used some better instructions with photos especially the odd man out clamp with the hanger bracket welded to it but if you have ever installed a cat back system before its a quick hour or two if no experience you might find a video or two first. All said it took two of us about 6.5 hours to complete using a car lift. Turns out I had no reason to worry. This system sounds great, deep resonant sound when at idle and normal everyday driving is not much louder than a stock setup but without sounding stock at all and the freeway drone is gone. At high output this system wakes up and sounds amazing, nice tone and volume just what I wanted, a setup that is everyday drivable but loud when you want it to be! The FMIC has taken my charge temps that used to fly up above 100 and still be climbing in 50 degree weather within 15 seconds at WOT down to 20 degrees or so above ambient and looks sweet, only complaint is my own fault in that I ruined the FSWERKS template by reapplying the stencil to the backing on the wrong side when i realized I peeled it before needed to and then it wouldn't separate from the paper, duh, really wanted that FSWERKS showing through the grill but oh well. The Cobb 91 Octane OTS Stage 1 tune I was on does not run well on this setup but the OTS 91 Stage 3 works but I'd love to get a custom pro tune. Power gain and torque gain wasn't exactly the number one reason I did this but by seat of the pants it's more than I would have thought it would be, pulls harder longer through the power band and charge temps are chill. I give this 5 Stars for over all performance and getting 100% what I was after but a 4 for the missing hardware and the workmanship on the down pipe O2 sensor bung and other cuts/welds that could have been cleaner, I know it's inside the pipe and can't be seen and the disruption to flow would be negligible but it stopped the install, needed modified to work and wouldn't have passed inspection at the machine shop I work at so I have to be honest regardless of how impressed I am overall. That said I'd suggest this product to anyone asking for ST exhaust system recommendations, great product, support with the decision and the install were great.

D. Simpson
United States United States


Thanks for the detailed feedback Devin. Sorry you had some issues with the hardware and o2 sensor port.


Focus ST FSwerks Stealth Catback Exhaust

I installed a Borla Catback ST exhaust on my 2014 FocuS ST. It was too loud and even after I later installed a Borla 10 inch long resonator as well, I still was not happy with the sound. I have just finished installing a FSwerks stealth system on my sons 2017 Focus ST. It was easy to install,has a great sound and the quality of the materials was excellent. I strongly recommend the FSWeks system over Borla for this application.

Pete D.
United States United States

Perfect tone

The SFWorks stealth exhaust system was easy to install and fit exactly and to sounds fantastic with just the rite tone

United States United States

For Adults

I’d recommend this over any exhaust on the market. Just because of living in California. More of an adult sound. Nothing to obnoxious. No drone what so ever!

Christopher R.
United States United States

The reviews don't do justice

This kit is amazing. Love the sound the flow is great. With big turbo its gonna be even better . Is silent and zero drone .


Really great exhaust, transformative!

Let me tell you i held out as long as possible because I didn’t want a drone prone exhaust. i’m currently running a big turbo and a 3” exhaust so my car had the potential to be very loud and with this system buts it’s not it’s very sporty sounding, but quiet in the cabin with almost no drone except for a hair on the highway going up large grades. i have my rear seats removed so noises from the back are louder anyways. There are no vibrations whatsoever and fitment as well as build quality are second to none. i tried an adjustable resonator 3” exhaust (cpe) and it was terrible like undriveable terrible and the fitment was poor because the exhaust had too many sections to properly align(4 vs 3 with fswerks). Also what FSWERKS doesn’t humbly mention is this exhaust features a MAGNAFLOW muffler and MAGNAFLOW resonator which is just icing on the cake as these are top of the line products. I payed full price and would pay more for the fit, performance and build quality supplied with this PREMIUM EXHAUST. it has an adult tone that can be enjoyed by any age. Buy this if you are even slightly considering any exhaust as it’ll perform in my opinion better than any other. Thanks FSWERKS, my wife will ride in my car again. ;).

Seth G.
Hartford Connecticut


Thanks very much for your feedback Seth :-)


St Stealth Exhaust

Very pleased. The exhaust was the hardest choice of any mod for me. Went with Stealth because I did not want to add 10lbs with the Miltek. Mountune sounded too stock and was 2.5" piping.On scale of 10 being loudest I give the exterior noise a 3 out of 10 and interior noise a 5 out of 10. Freeway 2 out of 10. It seemed too loud in the interior at first but I had my wife drive the car hard as I followed and it is nowhere near as loud on the exterior. This is most likely because I have removed the spair, foam and most stuff out of the trunk and it is a hatch. Very low deep tone. Perfect for those wanting a mature sound.

United States


Love the fit and finish of this system and the sound is pure sex. It's deep and powerful without any drone or rasp which I was worried about. Makes the 4cyl sound like a bigger engine.

Jeff G.