FSWERKS Stainless Steel Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus Coupe/Sedan 2000-2011



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We use 2.5" diameter mandrel bent T304 stainless steel tubing in our designs for maximum flow and horsepower. FSWerks systems come with our exclusive stainless steel high-flow straight-through design muffler and are finished off with a beautifully polished 3.5" angle cut T304 stainless steel tip. Also included are the necessary clamps and hardware to allow for an easy installation. All our stainless steel systems are backed by a 5 year limited warranty.


Stainless Tubing 
• Mandrel bent heavy wall T304 stainless steel construction
• Provides optimal flow

Precision Welding 
• Tig and Mig welds are used on our system

Stainless Steel Flanges and Hanger Rods
• All of our exhaust flanges are laser cut out of T304 stainless steel and our hanger rods are cut from solid bars

Angle Cut Tip 
• Precision angle cut tip for agressive look
• Welded on stainless steel with etched FSWERKS logo

Optional accessories you may be interested in:
Wurth Exhaust Assembly Paste

Ford Focus SOHC SPI 2.0L 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Sedan
Ford Focus ST Duratec 2.3L  2005 2006 2007 Sedan
Ford Focus Duratec 2.0L 2005 2006 2007  Sedan including ZX4  
Ford Focus Duratec 2.0L 2008 2009 2010 2011 Coupe & Sedan

IMPORTANT : Comes with all necessary gaskets, clamps,  and mounting hardware for assembly. DOES NOT require welding!

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david t.
United States United States
Your purchased product FSWERKS Stainless Steel Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus Sedan 2008

Great quality Product! Definitely use lots of lube on those old rubber hangers to remove the old system.

Travis B.
United States United States
Amazing product

I love this exhaust. Installed very easily. 100% straight forward with 0 fitment issues. Highly recommend this exhaust and sounds amazing.

Tim W.
United States United States
10 out of 10

Easy installation and in love with the sound!


Thank you Tim :-)

Steven R.
United States United States
Quiet and Subtle When Wanted, Barks When Wanted

This went on my 2004 Focus Sedan 2.3L Duratec. Taking off the old exhaust was the hardest part; you'll need something to cut through the pipe just in front of the rear "axle" and, if you have a Duratec, the flex pipe flange has a dowel pin that needs cut off with a hacksaw and filed smooth. Apart from that, everything pops off the hangars and unbolts, and comes right out. installing the new exhaust was very easy; it took maybe thirty minutes and can be position-adjusted on the hangars. The quality of the system is flawless: the welds are astoundingly well done, the metal is smooth and perfectly machined, and it fits perfectly under the car. The sound: on startup it makes a growl, and on idle is just a background purr that sounds beautiful and is barely audible over the other noises from the engine bay Accelerating gently, it growls noticably but conversation is still completely possible, and cruising is again a quiet purr, barely audible over tire and wind noise, even at highway speeds. So it is quite subtle and unintrusive when you drive gently. You will be very aware of the difference for ten or fifteen minutes, because it's a new sound, but then you'll suddenly realize hey, you forgot about the sound completely for five minutes. When you stomp the pedal or let revs climb high, it wakes up, shakes off the robe and reveals an aggressive roar that will startle your passengers. It will let out muffled pops and burbles as it revs down, which elicit giggles from even those who don't like loud cars. "Stealth" is an excellent name for this system, and is ideal for a "sleeper style" build. The quality of the sound is excellent too; it's not a raspy fart-can abrasion like many cars out there often use. A little tip: when you have the old exhaust off, before you put the new one on, start the car and rev it a couple times. :) My only grip is that I had to cut out my bumper's exhaust opening a little bit to accommodate the very large exhaust tip, but it took no time at all and you can't even tell I did it. This is likely due to the existing cutout being very small, and the specific position I adjusted the new system to in order to keep clear of the slightly bent heat shielding under the car. Worth all $480.

Devin C.
United States United States
Quality construction

Went together easily, super nice overall quality. It sounds and looks very nice. It is definitely stealthy. I cant really even hear the exhaust noises from inside the car, but thats the idea. From outside the vehicle and under load, it has a nice deep tone without the pops and crackles that a lot of 4 cylinder cars make. Running this in a 2005 focus st, it did delete the secondary converter