FSWERKS Lower Rear Engine Mount - Ford Focus ST 2013-2017 / TiVCT 2012

FSWERKS Lower Rear Engine Mount - Ford Focus ST 2013-2017 / TiVCT 2012-2016/RS 2016+

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    The FSWERKS CNC machined aluminum engine mount helps put the power to the ground instead of being wasted and absorbed through the soft stock engine mount. Wheel hop is also drastically reduced resulting in smoother and quicker launches and gear changes. We use an advanced and unique poly material that helps to achieve this without excessive vibration or harshness at idle or while cruising. 75A shore hardness.

    Note: While the FSWERKS sport engine mount is the softest in the industry there will be some increased vibration or harshness compared to stock.

    The installation of the FSWERKS lower rear engine mount is a straight forward process. It will take about 45 minutes and is a direct replacement for the factory component. Includes easy to follow instructions. 

    Ford Focus TiVCT 2.0L 2012 2013 2014 2014 2015 2016
    Ford Focus ST EcoBoost 2.0L 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
    Ford Focus RS EcoBoost 2.3L 2016 2017

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    Slow Clap! Never disappointed with FSWERKS

    Picked it up at the store front and had it installed in about 20 minutes. I have the stealth exhaust, CAI (GreenFilter) and this REM really ties those two together. Night and day difference with the "sometimes weird" 1-2 shifting. i honestly think it was because of how loose the OEM mount flexed. Not sure what they mean by the "softest motor mount" this thing is stiff as heck and love the grounded feeling it gives my car. You have to get it to really know what I am saying. All in all i would recommend this after you install a exhaust, intake, header or whatever to help them all tie together. great product as always and I will be a lifetime customer. Also once you see and feel how crappy the OEM mount is you will want to throw it in the nearest dumpster. (Left OEM Mount - Right FSWERKS Mount) As others have stated I feel/hear vibrations at idle and when slowly reversing. Nothing you wont enjoy unless your upset about making your car perform better haha. FYI: in my opinion, this helped my Focus NA's shifting more than a tune ever did. (tune not from FSWERKS "sad face")

    John C.
    United States

    A more,solid feel overall!

    I own a 2013 Focus Titanium, it's one of my daily drivers. I reviewed others before purchasing this mount. I replaced this mount along with the passenger side motor mount (stock replacement). After installing, I immediately noticed a big difference in the front end. It felt more planted and stiffer. The 1-2 shifts from the auto transmission feel much improved. The noise and vibrations is very minimal. However, with the A/C you do feel more vibrations, but it's livable. Surprisingly, my mileage went up about 2mpg. One thing to remember is you will need to use a floor jack and some pieces of wood to support the engine / trans during installation. Never support the engine on the jack alone, it's easy to damage or crack the cast aluminum pieces. Re-torque bolts about 200 miles after install.

    Michael F.
    United States

    It works well

    Easy to install and solidly built. Once in you have very minimal vibrations that go away once you start driving. Its one of the first things this car needs done as a mod, I'd highly recommend this one to anyone.

    A FSWERKS Customer
    Simon Fortin

    Yup.. it works

    I finally installed the bushing 3 months after ordering it. Thanks to the never-ending winter and bad weather in Montreal. So, I was very surprised how that little piece is making a great difference. The car launch is very sharp, quick, and they are practically no more wobbles. Stability has increased and I feel I'm in control. I noticed that the wheels spin less when it rains. Which is amazing! When you start the car, you feel a vibration in the cabin and the driving wheel is vibrating slightly but it is expected. You forget about that within minutes. I didn't find I was feeling the bumps on the road more than usual. Thank you FSW, you delivered again. Simon

    Glen James from Australia

    FSWERKS rear engine mount

    Very easy. One simple order and presto! - done.

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