FSWERKS Intercooler Kit - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018

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The FSWERKS high performance intercooler kit for the Mk3 Ford Focus ST includes everything you need to optimize the performance of your vehicle. The larger than stock, FSWERKS intercooler is essential for sustained high speed or track use and is not as prone to heat soak as the smaller OEM unit it replaces (CV61-9L440-DB).


  •  Bar and plate construction
  •  Cast end tanks for smooth flow
  •  Core size 559mm x 203mm x 89mm (22in x 8in x 3.5in)
  •  FMIC Supports approx. 500 horsepower
  •  No drilling is required for installation, Bolt-On design
  •  Brackets, hardware and instructions included


Early on testing revealed the need for a larger than stock and more efficient intercooler core to improve the performance of the MK3 Focus ST. FSWERKS has developed a considerably larger and more efficient intercooler kit to reduce intake air temperatures. Lightweight cast alloy end tanks ensure improved intake airflow.

-Removal of the vehicle AGS (Active Grill Shutter) is required for installation of this product.
-Please allow approximately 5 days before this item ships.
-An optional vinyl FSWERKS logo template is available for painting



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Scott S.
United States United States


Put it on the car a month ago and it’s been going great ever since. SUPER easy install (after you remove the active shutters) and had all the hardware that was needed. Great product, great company.

Troy bertram


The intercooler looks greats/fits greats. Ran into 1 problem. One the the bottom bracket holes was not drilled out enough. I believe I got the 1/1,000 that had this. I just had to re-tap the hole BUT, customer service was great! They offered me $50 coupon/$50 back! Great company and great product even w the set back I had. Would order again!


Thank you Troy. we really appreciate the kind words considering the problem you had with the bolt hole :-)

Ramiro R.
United States United States

Great product adorable price

Everything I expected

joe h.
United States


Great Fast service and accurate !

Patrick T McDermott

One Cool Intercooler!

Let me start of this review by first saying that the guys over at FSWerks, especially Raffi and Vic, are some of the most knowledgeable, professional, nice, and patient people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Raffi always responds to emails within minutes of sending them, as well as being willing to take time to thoroughly explain things over the phone. Vic as well, I called multiple times during my install, and after when I was troubleshooting a potential boost leak (which I solved thanks to him!) Class Leading Customer Service! Now, onto my Review of this, marvelous piece of engineering! The Stock FMIC that comes on the ST...we all know it is absolute GARBAGE, made half out of plastic that is an insulator rather than a conductor of heat, too small, too thin, tube and fin as opposed to bar and plate...its all just WRONG. That being said, I have had my car 2 summers now, about to enter my third and I did not want to experience heat issues anymore! I love this car to death and I wanted to prolong the life of the engine as much as possible. So I wanted an intercooler. But not just any intercooler, but one that was designed specifically with the stock turbo in mind. I didnt want some massive monstrosity on the front of my car that would drop boost pressure for the sake of "future expansion", but something that could have come factory on the car but was built the right way. Enter the FSWerks Front Mount Intercooler System. WowEEEEE!! Does this thing chill!! Unpacking the intercooler, you see a beautiful polished aluminum body and THICK heavy duty mounting brackets, silicone couplers, 2 metal tubes and hardware. A DVD is included with full color instructions in PDF form that are super clear and easy to understand for anyone who is mechanically inclined! (and if you arent mechanically inclined.....you shouldnt be installing this...get a professional) After breezing over the instructions I was able to get the front bumper off with moderate ease and set it aside, that is the hardest part of the entire install. 2 bolts and 2 hose clamps later and some gentle coaxing of the charge tubes and the stock garbage was off, unplugged the shutters, wacked them with a mallet to one side and they popped loose, slid them down and out only breaking off one tab (another garbage part, dont care) swap over the MAP Sensor and mounted up the new FMIC with ease, then buttoned it all back up! I will make one note....and its the main reason I had to call and talk to Vic so much, the instructions are a bit unclear as to how much of the coupler tube goes into what end... Vic ended up telling me on the phone that I needed to have just enough of the coupler tube in the elbows to allow the hose clamp to seat properly, push it in any further and it can restrict flow, the majority of it goes inside the stock charge tubes. I ended up taking the front bumper off 3 times and making adjustments to solve a small boost leak I had. Now, about a week later from the day of install, the car is pulling just as hard as ever, and my oil temp, which used to be at the middle tick mark on the dial, is now in between it and the previous tick mark, thats a HUGE temp drop! I dont think I will be tuning the car until my warranty is up, but man is my engine happy after installing this part. All that heat gone is definitely going to extend the life of my baby's heart. Again, a seriously huge thank you to Raffi and Vic, you both have been amazing throughout the entire experience, I greatly appreciate your patience and taking the time in your busy days to help me! Ill be back for more parts in the future! I have plans for suspension next and I am eyeing those Stress Bars and H&R Coil Overs you got here. *wink*