Corbeau Corbeau Seat Bracket - Ford Focus 2000-2011

Corbeau Seat Bracket - Ford Focus 2000-2011

SKU: E2008T
  • $129.00

Corbeau carries the most comprehensive inventory of custom mounting seat brackets in the industry. With custom seat brackets to match 99% of all vehicles, we make installing your seats quick and easy. Don't be fooled by companies claiming to have universal seat brackets for your vehicle. If you want to install seats correctly, and for your own safety and sanity, you must order a custom seat bracket! The price shown on our brackets includes double-locking sliders. In some cases adapter, brackets are made to adapt to your stock seat brackets. This will be indicated in the master bracket guide below. Browse through our list to find the bracket to match your vehicle. Seat bracket category indicates pricing.

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  • Universal Seat Brackets:¬†These brackets are to be used when custom brackets are unavailable. Can only mount to a flat floor pan.
  • Double Locking Sliders:¬†Included with all brackets. Double locking sliders are $65.00 if ordered by themselves.¬†
FORD CARS Seat Brackets Driver Side Passenger Side
Ford Focus 2000-2011 E2008T E2009T

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