Brisk Silver Racing GR12S Spark Plugs 4 Pack - Ford Focus Duratec 2.0L & 2.3L - 2 Step Colder


by: Brisk

  • $43.96

Brisk Racing Spark Plugs - 2 step colder 4 pack with Non-projected tip - Ford Focus 2.0L & 2.3L Duratec.  Used with FSWERKS Duratec Stage 2 Turbo Kits runing higher boost levels and built internals with 300whp+. Works best with forced induction vehicles only.

Spark Plug Heat Range

In identical spark plug types, the difference from one heat range to the next is the ability to remove approximately 70°C to 100°C from the spark plug center electrode and ceramic tip. A projected style spark plug firing tip temperature is increased by about 15°C to 25°C.

Heat range is the measure of how fast the spark plug tip dissipates combustion heat. It must do this in a precise and controlled manner so the spark plug will:

  • Stay cool enough to avoid pre-ignition and/or electrode destruction due to detonation.
  • Run hot enough to burn off combustion deposits that would otherwise collect on the insulator tip and cause fouling that results in misfire.
  • Adapt to specific engine characteristics and widely varying driving/load conditions.

Key Benefits and Applications of Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs

• Silver is the best Electric and Heat Conductor - the best material for performance and racing spark plugs
• Superior Ignition Ability Increases Engine Power
• Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage
• Good Resistance to Fouling and Easier Starts
• Race Engines and Engines with Hard to Ignite Fuels
• Supercharged / Turbocharged / Nitrous engines
• Recommended spark plug gap is .032" ~ .035"
• For best results replace plugs approx every 20,000 miles