Brisk Premium ROR14LGS Spark Plugs 4 pack - Ford Focus Zetec 16v & TiVCT (One step colder)

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Brisk Premium LGS Spark Plug- 1 step colder (4 pack) - 16v Zetec & TiVCT

Brisk Premium LGS Spark Plugs were designed to maximize the benefit of factory high power ignition systems used on late model vehicles. The proprietary design of the LGS spark plugs provides maximum spark exposure, and unrestricted access of the air/fuel mixture. Once the ignition process is initiated by the spark plug the flame front can expand without any restrictions in all directions. This "Open Fire design" contributes to faster and more complete burn, resulting in increase of mean cylinder pressure of each combustion cycle. In addition, faster rise in cylinder pressure eliminates the need for running excessive timing advance, which generates excessive heat and can strain the engine. Brisk Premium LGS spark plugs brings more ignition power inside the combustion chamber and therefore requires the ignition system to be in sound condition. This is important especially in hi-performance applications, where dense environment inside the combustion chamber makes it difficult for a spark discharges to occur. The LGS spark plug is an excellent choice for stock and mild power applications, and high power applications with upgraded ignition systems.

The ground electrode design of the traditional spark plug restricts the natural spherical expansion pattern of the flame front

Brisk Premium Spark Plugs utilize surface spark discharge along with retracted ground electrode designed to ensure maximum spark exposure and unrestricted flame front propagation 

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