Corbeau Seat Heater

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  • $105.00

Corbeau universal seat heating systems are among the highest quality seat-heating units available today. Those who have ever experienced the luxury of a seat heater know that once you've taken pleasure in a seat heater, it almost becomes a necessity. We've now made it possible to get a high quality seat-heating unit at an affordable price. Corbeau Seat Heaters can be installed in your Corbeau Seats or in your factory seats in a matter of minutes. While we always recommend you have these installed by a professional, the installation is really quite simple. Two wires, a positive and ground wire, connect to your factory electrical system. What's great about our heaters is they will heat up within two minutes. The patented heat flow system forces the heat from the heater to only go upward towards the body as opposed to a downward flow into the seat itself. This means your body will feel the majority of the heat flow and will warm up faster than most seat heaters. Corbeau Seat heating pads feature carbon fiber technology, which is regarded as one of the finest heating pad materials available today. Corbeau seat heaters are custom in that the heating pads can be trimmed to size to ensure proper fitment on your seat.

Dual Temperature Control: Corbeau Seat Heaters have a high or low setting. The high setting will maintain a constant temperature range between 122°F to 125°F and the low between 113°F to 115°F. A built in bi-metal thermostat maintains this temperature.

Carbon Fiber Heating Pads: Carbon fiber heating pads are the easiest to both install and customize to your seat. These carbon fiber pads adhere to the foam of your seats. Carbon fiber is a great conductor of electricity and requires very little voltage to produce a lot of heat. Carbon fiber is both safe and durable to ensure years of trouble free comfort and warmth.

Quick Heat Up Time: Corbeau seat heaters will warm you up faster than your car heater. Corbeau seat heaters feature an aluminum layer underneath the carbon fiber element which forces the heat to only go upward towards the body. This patented system makes it so your body receives the majority of the heat as opposed to the seat itself.