There are a lot of questions out there about ECU programming and this is the place to find the answers.

If you have a question that is not addressed here, feel free to email your questions to sales@fswerks.com

Where can I find my ECU code?
Follow the instructions HERE to locate the ECU code for your vehicle.

How do I find out if an FSWERKS / SCT flasher is available for my car?
Simply add to your cart, and it will have a list of available codes.

My ECU code is not listed. How can I order a flasher?
We are always working on new codes. You can call us to see if we can add your code, or if you're local to us we may able to use your car to make a program for you.

What will an FSWERKS / SCT flasher do for my Focus?
The goal is to give you horsepower, torque, and control over many parameters, such is idle, rev limit, speed governor, etc. With our FSWerks / SCT programming you have the power to control your car's computer like never before.

Don't I need to bring my Focus to your shop in order for the programming on a flasher to be any good?
Not necessarily. FSWERKS spends countless hours each month testing on our in-house Dynojet. This means we know what works and what doesn't. We know what to do and what not to do. It takes a lot of time to learn the limits of the Focus and that is something that we know very well because of our testing. Of course, there are scenarios where having the car in your presence is preferred, but 98% of Focus owners do not fall under that statistic.

What Octane do I choose for the flasher?
The fuel octane in your car MUST be greater than or equal to the octane your FSWERKS / SCT X3 flasher is calibrated for. You should never run less octane than required for your tune or you could risk engine failure.

What options do I have with the FSWERKS / SCT flasher?
Currently, we are offering the following options:

  • Aggressive shifting at wide-open throttle (Auto Trans only)
  • Alternator disabled at wide-open throttle (SPI and Zetec only
  • Custom idle
  • Custom rev limit
  • Custom shift light setting at wide-open throttle
  • Early fan activation
  • EGR system disabled
  • Increased fuel pressure
  • Rear oxygen sensor disabled for race header or race downpipe

What does each option do?
An explanation for each option can be found HERE.

What if I think the flasher I bought is not working?
We recommend you read the instructions completely. All flashers are programmed at the time of order and tested prior to leaving. If you are unable to install the flasher correctly, simply call us so we can work with you on the problem.