FSWERKS Aluminum Heat Shield Tubing (1" ID)

Aluminum Heat Shield Tubing (1" ID)

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Aluminum Heat Shield Tubing (1" ID)

(Sold per foot, thus Qty:1 = 1 Foot) 

Thermo-Flex Aluminum is a composite heat shield material with unlimited uses. The material is manufactured with a combination of materials to provide abrasion-resistance, thermal insulation, and physical containment of hoses and wiring. The combination of aluminum, silica, and stainless steel is combined to produce a sleeving that is flexible, lightweight, and strong. The aluminum-silica combination can be slit for applications such as wire looms or hose covering without disconnecting the ends of the wire or hoses. Thermo-Flex Aluminum can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 750°F. Great for turbo applications.