FSWERKS Turbocharger Kit - Ford Focus 2.0L Zetec

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The FSWERKS turbocharger kit for the 2.0 liter Zetec Focus delivers serious horsepower and torque, increasing your engine output by at least 50-100% (depending on octane and boost pressure). Make anywhere from 200-250 engine horsepower with an unmodified stock engine or more with a built engine. The FSWERKS turbocharger kit was developed primarily for stock unmodified engines but also works great with built engines, a clean OEM appearance makes this kit appear like it came from the factory. Included in the turbo kit price is free (ECU) tuning support. With several years of Focus ECU tuning experience, we are able to efficiently help local and remote customers get safe and reliable power from the FSWERKS turbocharger kit. Comes with a 1 year warranty on all parts. Not for SVT cars.

Intercooled Turbo kit 5.5+ PSI 

● Garrett GT28 turbo with custom modifications
● Internal wastegate actuator 
● Stainless steel downpipe with o2 sensor fittings 
● Powder coated plumbing with bead rolled ends 
● 3 and 4 ply silicone connecting hoses 
● Stainless steel hose clamps 
● 42lb. Bosch fuel injectors
● Turbo water line kit 
● FSWERKS aluminum high flow diverter valve 
● Custom MAF housing 
● ITG Maxogen air filter 
● FSWERKS / SCT X4 ECU flasher
● Custom FSWERKS ECU programming
● Front mount intercooler
● Motorcraft AZFS22C copper spark plugs  

Note: Does not fit vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.
Note: Since these are custom assembled turbo kits, all orders require approximately (3 weeks) for build time (after) they have been processed. 
NOTE: This product is for RACE USE ONLY. Not for street use/public roads. A release waiver MUST be filled out with your order or it will not ship. Please complete the form here: http://www.fswerks.com/pages/releaseform
*Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used, or registered, or licensed for use upon a highway.

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Carr McClain
hattiesburg, MS

Asking a question

Will this kit work on a 1998 Escort ZX2 with the 2.0L Zetech DOHC engine?



Sorry it doesn't :-(

Travis Grover
Nova scotia

Asking a question

If I buy this kit will I need to get my own turbo manifold? I don’t see one pictured or listed



This turbo kit does not include the manifold. You reuse the stock one and we supply an adapter between the manifold and the Garrett turbo. Thanks

Brad potter

asking a question

Will this fit an st170 or do I have to do anything else to make this work? Will I need to delete the variable valve timing?



Our turbo kits only fit USA and Canada cars. Thank you

Andy Schneider


This is a really great kit from FSWerks. All of the parts are made from high quality materials and everything fits where it should like a glove. Part placement is well thought out and nothing rubs on anything it shouldn't. The instructions are very clear and make installing this kit a joy. I had a blast installing this kit over the coarse of 3-4 afternoons. For tuning, follow the directions and you will be good to go. The process is pretty simple once you figure out how to use the datalogging software. Raffi worked up an awesome tune for my car. Car starts up and runs exactly like it did when it was stock. No hiccups, no fuss, it just flat out runs excellent. On the road it drives the same as stock when not in boost and is very mildly mannered. But when you get into boost, the car just pulls all the way to redline. AFR stays steady at 11.5-11.7 when in boost and power comes on nice and smooth. It really does feel like the car still has the stock tune on it, but has the necessary programming added to it for boost. The powerband from 3000-6500 rpms has gobs of midrange torque and power. If you ever wondered what it is like to drive a mk1 Focus RS, this kit will give you an idea what it is like. I have had this kit for 7 months now with NO issues. It has been reliable and powerful threw multiple WOT pulls, 80+ mile round trips, and I am 100% certain I could drive my car anywhere, for many years, and not have a single issue. Thanks again FSWerks for this great turbo kit!


Thanks very much for your feedback Andy. I am glad you are enjoying the power :-)

Jason Lykissas

Turns that zetec motor into a Lion!

I am the lucky owner of FSWerks project zetec turbo car that is in the video above. I have now owned it for 6 months without any problems (purchased from FSWerks). This turbo kit +good suspension and tires will make you re-evaluate what cars you think are fast. Especially after I had FSWerks install a Quaife LSD into this car a month ago, and all the spinning out it does in first through third is ~ 90% gone, which means all that power goes to the ground! And man it is just too fast, everyone (including me) loves this car, just another 5 star review for their great work, great parts, and making another happy customer in San Diego. If you ever want to see the car in action, go to BMW autox's at Qualcomm. Thanks again, Vic and Raffi