FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo Plus Air Intake System - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018

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The FSWERKS Cool-Flo Plus air intake system is our top of the line kit for the Focus ST. It eliminates the factory airbox to allow for maximum airflow from all angles, yet still provides a barrier from engine heat. We achieve this by utilizing our powdercoated aluminum heat shield, which has a rubber hood seal that meets up with the hood when it closes. To further maximize airflow our heat shield incorporates a larger 3" inlet where our high performance air filter connects compared to the factory 2.75" inlet. The Cool-Flo Plus then takes it a step further adding our powdercoated 3" mandrel bent aluminum turbo inlet tube to the system, making this a true 3" air intake system from the air filter to the turbo. Features laser cut brackets and tig welded construction.

The factory airbox was designed, in part, to be quiet to meet the needs of the general population. Once the airbox and turbo inlet tube are replaced with the Cool-Flo Plus air intake system a much more aggressive and sporty engine note will be present. For the majority of auto enthusiasts, the resulting sounds of the turbo spooling and diverter valve whooshing are as appreciated as the added horsepower and torque. We include all of the necessary hardware and instructions for installation. Lifetime Warranty.

Note: A noticeable increase of induction noise is created with all open filter air intake kits like the FS018 series intakes. Only the ITG filter part#15BH-262 or a 7159 Green Filter with cap in the stock air box will maintain OEM like sound levels.

This product is not CARB Exempt and is not legal for use on public roads in California or other states adopting California emission standards.

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FSWERKS FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo Plus Air Intake System - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018 Review

I love it.

Install was alright. Love the noise it produces compared to stock with lid on. Green filter is super tight. I did also cut some of the rubber Snorkel to fit inside of the box. Looks great in the engine bay.

Andrew V.
United States United States
FSWERKS FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo Plus Air Intake System - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018 Review

Nothing like good ol induction sounds

There’s such a focus (no pun intended) on exhaust note that the sweet sweet sounds of intake noise is often ignored; the symphony of whooshes and growls make me want to take the long way home. Butt dyno says there’s a little more oomph, especially higher up in the rev range (paired with an AccessPort and the OTS 91 tune). Intake temps while in motion generally only about 5-10 degrees above ambient. Installation was reasonably easy (~1 hr) and instructions simple to follow. Wishing I had gotten this sooner and not after 170K miles.

Henry E.
United States United States
FSWERKS FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo Plus Air Intake System - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018 Review

FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo Plus Air Intake System - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018

Great item. Looks bad ass and sounds much better. The tube you replace from factory is so much lighter. The green filter look sexy on yellow but also adds that sound and turbo noise you are looking for. Install pretty straight forward the pics that they send along with the txt instructions are on point. 100×better then IKEA lol. Service and delivery were fast. Great overall experience. If you have an St you need this. Dont waste time with other companies. Better pricing product and sound.

Jule S.
United States United States
FSWERKS FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo Plus Air Intake System - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018 ReviewFSWERKS FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo Plus Air Intake System - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018 ReviewFSWERKS FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo Plus Air Intake System - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018 Review

Great appearance, pretty simple install, great sound and response

Bought from CFM and very happy with this Intake... Was pretty easy install, and really love the sound of the vehicle since I've put it on, really gave little more pep. Thanks for a great product


FSWERKS Cool Flo-Air Intake

This intake has perfect fitment when lining it up, it was as easy as a lego. There was no confusion in reading the instructions and it was spot on to what it said. The intake noises are there and it sounds exactly what I was looking for along with the simplicity of the installation. Can definitely say the car feels just a little bit faster on the throttle. Would recommend for anyone looking for a good intake on their ST.

Sean F.


So far the CAI is doing what I needed it to do and that is reduce the odd acoustics I was getting with my Injen CAI.

Scott B.
United States United States

Sounds fantastic

Not too difficult to install, fits nicely

Hunter D.
United States United States

Incredible Intake - AVOID COBB PRODUCTS

Sounds amazing - bought it used after cobb sent me sliced couplers and then their support acted like it was my fault. I also had a mazdaspeed3 and enjoyed the access port until they decided their customers needed to pay an additional 200 dollars to continue using their software then obsoleted my current software so it'd only run on windows vista. What a crap company. UNLIKE FSWERKS. I will be buying from them again in the future. do NOT give Cobb your business.


Great Intake

Got the intake installed tonight. Sounds amazing. Really lets your turbo breathe. Excited to start seeing the great results. Sounds awesome, looks awesome, and my car loves it. Definitely worth the price, quality materials. Definitely recommend.

Tucker M.
Orlando, FL

Not sure whats wrong

pretty good fitment, but right when I went to turn the car on, I have zero power and now the car is practically dead. wont start, throws a check engine light, etc. not too pleased because now I'm stuck

Orlando, FL


Hi Tucker, most likely you forgot to reconnect the engine ecu ground strap under the intake shield. This will cause the car not to start or run. Thank you


Multiple parts on top of cool flo intake...

Top notch quality and perfect fitment, had zero issues installing the intake, short shift plate, or the turbosmart dual port BOV. Would 100 % recommend and certainly will be ordering a ton more from fswerks. Thank you

Anthony l.
Baltimore MD

Quality Intake

I have a fully built motor making over 500whp, Quality intake. Best on the market hands down.

ty m.

Worth the money!

I was skeptical about this intake as it was too much money. I was leaning more towards the COBB. Words of advise don't think about just buy it! The sound is amazing! Breaths like a hurricane! You can really hear the turbo now!

Edgar L.

Great CAI

Install was super easy with the provided instructions aside from one part that was in a tight area. Other than that, relatively simple with the right tools and the thing absolutely bangs once it's in. Love the sound of it and can't stop turning heads on the street. Definitely recommend.

Kody T.
United States

Amazing parts as always.

Great fit and quality. FSwerks is the only place I'll order from since 2004

John G.
United States

Easy install, great sound

Great instructions, and sounds amazing. Took about 45 minutes and it is probably the easiest installation possible. Worth the money. Thanks FSWERKS!

justin w.
United States

Great Product

Nice build quality. Standard install. Love the look and sound of final product.

Anthony C.
United States


A little tricky to install, especially around the turbo inlet area, but can be done with enough patience and the right tools. Overall it produces a great sound that is nowhere near the stock intake. Would highly recommend this on the noise alone .... oh ... it looks pretty damn awesome to!!

Nicholas T.


New to modding to cars, but just installed this on my 2015 Focus ST and it sounds amazing! Well worth the price, not only for the performance, but the sound alone. It's a beautiful thing hearing the turbo spool up along with the added intake sound. Still takes advantage of the stock snorkel which is a plus. Highly recommended!


Great sound, great power, don't think... buy!

I live on the east coast and engine gets pretty dirty, but I got this intake system with the optional Outerwears pre-filter and I love it... sounds great now, and the pre-filter keeps the filter nice and easy to clean.. I recommend both, you wont regret it.

Tony H.