SCT X4 Power Flash Ford Programmer - 2000-2018 Ford Focus Zetec/Duratec/EcoBoost


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The X4 Power Flash arrives Pre-Loaded with Dyno Proven SCT or FSWERKS tune file that INCREASE HORSEPOWER and TORQUE! Programming your vehicle with one of SCT's pre-loaded or FSWERKS performance tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDII port, select the tune file using the simple to navigate menu and within minutes the X4 programs your vehicle.

X4 [7015] Ford Product Features:

  • Increases Horsepower & Torque!
  • Stores 10 Custom Tunes
  • Full-Color Backlit LCD Display
  • High-Speed Datalogging / Monitoring
  • Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes
  • Easy Restoration Back to Stock
  • Dual Analog Inputs
  • Most Popular Vehicles Supported
  • Installs Quickly & Easily
  • USB Interface Cable Included
  • User Adjustable Vehicle Parameters
  • Built-In Wifi for easy updates

Easy to Install & Easy Return To Stock The X4 Power Flash device backs up your factory PCM program during installation should you ever need to return your vehicle to the stock PCM program. Restoring your vehicle to the stock PCM program is as easy as selecting Return to Stock from the device menu.

NOTICE, you must locate your ECU number prior to ordering. 
Click Here for instructions of how to find your ECU number.

2000-2004 2.0L Ford Focus Zetec/SPI [SVT not available]
(Includes FSWERKS custom program + SCT program)

Preloaded options:
Rear O2’s Disabled, EGR Delete, Speed Limiter, Idle Speed, Shift Firmness, Fan Control, Spark Modification, WOT Shift Points by Gear, Axel Ratio, Tire Size, Store Stock File, Supports Custom Tunes.

2003-2007 Ford Focus Duratec 2.0L & 2.3L
(Includes FSWERKS custom program)

2008-2011 2.0L Ford Focus Duratec S, SE, SES
(Includes FSWERKS custom program)

2012-2018 Ford Focus TiVCT

2013-2018 Ford Focus ST 2.0L Ecoboost
(Pre-loaded with SCT program only)

Preloaded Options: Rev/RPM Limiter, Axel Ratio, Tire Size, Store Stock File, rev hang on/off (on by default) (shift assist), sound symposer on/off (on by default in all except for S3), launch control active by default and rpm adjustable (adjusting neutral 0 limit) , shift light on/off , shift light adjustable rpm , sound symposer adjustable duty cycle (base 93, +5%, +10%), idle speed adjustable, throttle response adjustable (stock, +10%, +20%, aggressive), AGS on/off (stock/removed) 10.take off assist, Supports Custom Tunes.

2016-2017 Ford Focus RS 2.3L Ecoboost
(Pre-loaded with SCT program only)

+74 HP +62 TQ

*Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used, or registered, or licensed for use upon a highway.


  • Increases Horsepower & Torque! - Increases your vehicles Horsepower, Torque, Throttle Response and even Fuel Mileage on some vehicles.

  • Full-Color Backlit LCD Display - Full-Color LCD display for easy viewing, day or night.

  • Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes - Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes quickly & easily, saving on expensive diagnostic fees.

  • Dual Analog Inputs - Monitor EGT temps, air-fuel ratio and other popular sensor data.

  • Installs Quickly & Easily - Installs in minutes via your vehicle's ODB-II port

  • User Adjustable Vehicle Parameters - Adjust for common performance bolt-ons such as Cold Air Kits, Exhaust Systems & Gears

  • Stores 10 Custom Tunes - Stores up to 10 custom tune files created by your local SCT Custom Tuning Dealer.

  • High-Speed Datalogging / Monitoring - View & record your vehicles PCM data on the LCD screen or on your laptop.

  • Easy Restoration Back to Stock - The X4 Flash device backs up your factory PCM program during installation should you ever need to return your vehicle to the stock program. Restoring your vehicle to the stock PCM program is as easy as selecting "Return to Stock" from the device menu. With all SCT devices, once returned to stock, there is no footprint or trace of the tune in the vehicle's PCM.

  • Most Popular Vehicles Supported - Most popular Ford vehicles supported including 2014 models.

  • USB Interface Cable Included - USB Interface Cable & Livelink Datalogging software included

  • *Only compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10 OS (Does not operate on Mac OS)
  • Built-In Wifi for easy updates - Built-in Wifi allows you to easily attach to your local area wireless network to download device updates.

Adjustable Options vary for each vehicle and are not available on all models.
  • Idle Speed - Allows you to Increase or Decrease the vehicles idle speed.

  • Global Spark Modification - Allows you to Remove Timing for lower grade fuels.

  • Stores Stock Tune - Stores a true copy of your vehicle's stock file before programming. Used for warranty repairs and unlocking the programmer.

  • Supports Custom Tunes - Supports and holds 10 custom tunes.

  • Fan Control - Lowers the Temperature at which the Fan turns on. * On some model years only.

  • Axle Ratio - Allow you to set the axle ratio (gear ratio) to correct shift patterns and the speedometer on your vehicle.

  • Tire Size - Allows you to set the tire size to correct shift patterns and the speedometer on your vehicle.

  • WOT Shift Points by Gear - Allows you to Increase or Decrease the Wide Open Throttle Shift points of each gear individually. * Vehicles with Automatic Transmissions ONLY

  • Shift Firmness Control - Allows you to change the transmissions shift pressure. Controls how firm the shifts will feel. * Vehicles with Automatic Transmissions ONLY

*This product is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution-controlled motor vehicles

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Saul w.
United States United States

super easy use and install just make sure your online, really made a night and day change to my focus with the header and exhaust + the tune i feel like. I bought a new car

United States United States
Excellent easy to use

Very straight forward. Easy to use and easy to understand. Works flawlessly. It got me motivated to get the Advantage III software to learn to custome tune my car .

Joe M.
United States United States
Exactly what you need, buy it now

It was one of the best purchases I’ve made for the car, really woke it up.

United States United States
Big improvement over stock.

Big difference. Went from a bone stock 2005 Focus ZX4 ST to many upgrades to increase the drivability of this car... and wow what a difference! Upgraded the clutch to the Excedy stage 1 clutch, did the fswerks race header, fswerks stealth exhaust, fswerks intake, and some aftermarket motor mounts. Also got the Flasher, with the fswerks 91oct tune, and with everything really woke the car up. Super easy to tune the car, Raffi had the tune to me before I even got home from picking up the flasher from them (I live near by, and they offer will-call which is awesome! 10/10 would recommend for every ZX4 ST owner!

Christopher S.
United States United States
That extra kick ;)

Easy Plug-and-Play OBD Tuner, just hooked it up after my 93 octane refuel and BAM!!! My Focus can hit 100 mph in 4th gear (no speed limiter anymore haha) and has an even more beautiful exhaust note with the ITG Cold Air Intake and FSWERKS Race Exhaust set up from before. Did I mention I hit 36 mpg on the highway, or at least until flooring it? Yeah, it's efficient when you need it to be as well. Since I can buy new tunes down the road, this is a lifetime investment that I'm glad I made. Next step, turbo, race headers, engine rebuild, weight reduction, rims... Ok that's too much probably but the SCT is ready for any crazy changes I make to this car. Thanks FSWERKS as always for your support since your customer service reps on Facebook were patient with my endless questions and were able to give solid answers quickly when needed. 6/5 stars, cuz 5 isn't enough!!!


Thank you Chris :-)