FSWERKS Stainless Steel Catback Stealth Exhaust System - Ford Focus ZX3/ZX5/Hatchback 2000-2007

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We use 2.5" diameter mandrel bent T304 stainless steel tubing in our designs for maximum flow and horsepower. FSWerks systems come with our exclusive stainless steel high-flow straight-through design muffler and are finished off with a beautifully polished 3.5" angle cut T304 stainless steel tip. Also included are the necessary clamps and hardware to allow for an easy installation. All our stainless steel systems are backed by a 5 year limited warranty.


Stainless Tubing 
• Mandrel bent heavy wall T304 stainless steel construction
• Provides optimal flow

Precision Welding 
• Tig and Mig welds are used on our systems during assembly

Stainless Steel Flanges and Hanger Rods
• All of our exhaust flanges are laser cut out of T304 stainless steel and our hanger rods are cut from solid bars

Angle Cut Tip 
• Precision angle cut tip for agressive look
• Welded on stainless steel with etched FSWERKS logo

Optional accessories you may be interested in:
Wurth Exhaust Assembly Paste

Ford Focus DOHC Zetec 2.0L 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Ford Focus Duratec 2.0L 2005 2006 2007
Ford Focus Duratec 2.3L 2003 2004
Ford Focus SOHC SPI 2.0L 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004

Does not fit Sedan/Wagon

IMPORTANT : Includes all necessary gaskets, clamps,  and mounting hardware for assembly. DOES NOT require welding!

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Best exhaust for the Focus

Great, sounds amazing, looks nice, and fit really well

Ethan F.


Thank you Ethan :)


Great Upgrade

After searching for a complete exhaust replacement to a patched/rusted system, I decided the STEALTH EXHAUST SYSTEM would be the one for my 2004 Focus ZX5 2.3l Duratec . There wasn't much to the old removal; sawzall cut it out in minutes. Installation of the Stealth system was straight forward with no hiccups. There was a change from the provided clamps to 2.5" lap joint band clamps. Total time of install was about 45 mins. in my apartment building parking lot. I'm pleased with the price point, build quality, appearance, and mostly the sound. I will be adding the ITG COOL-FLO RACE AIR INTAKE SYSTEM which will be a great intake/exhaust combination while upgrading my "Toy". Thank You FS Works.

United States United States

Catback Stealth

It's pretty quiet, sounds great at idle but once you actually give it the beans it sounds stock. I was hoping it would have some aggression at full throttle. A little disappointed considering how much the price was but it is the stealth package. Overall quality on the exhaust pipe was spot on. Beautiful welds, everything fit like a glove. I did however have a exhaust clamp break on me while installing.

Brandon W.
United States United States

Sounds Nice and was easy enough to install

The exhaust was pretty easy to install, sounds good though it does get a bit too loud for cruising above 80 like someone else commented. I was concerned about it sounding too loud and disrupting the peace in my neighborhood, but it's a tame lower tone which is nice. The 3-part assembly makes it significantly easier to install than the OE exhaust, though some of the rubber hangers were a bit stubborn to get into place due to spacing. Though it should be considered that this does replace the secondary Cat, which could leave you in hot water with anti-tampering emissions checks. It wasn't monitored by O2 sensors though, so it doesn't throw a check engine light. All-in-all. I like it, and hope it lasts for a very long time to come.

Scott S.
United States United States

Only one issue

Overall I'm very happy with this exhaust. I bought the stealth kit and it sounds great. Just a bit louder than stock. I noticed an increase in power right away. This exhaust coupled with a CAI has made my throttle response phenomenal. Definitely the best exhaust kit I've ever bought. However, for some reason they put a 3 inch tip on the end. It's too big for the factory exit spot and melts the plastic on the bumper until it has enough clearance. They should've just kept it 2.5 inch back there.

Keith J.
United States United States

Sounds great!

Sooooooooo, I takes a while to remove the stock exhaust <:( Do yourself a favor and cut the old studs of the stock exhaust! I tried and tried with PB Blaster and still couldn’t take it off. I used heat, still nothing! So I decided to cut them off! It’s ok now amd it sounds great! Worth the the trouble of removing the old exhaust. Plus, it’s true what the rest of the comments, it’s super easy to install!

United States United States

The Sleeper

I like no I love this stealth package !! If you're going from straight pipe like me you're going to notice the torque and power difference right away I sacrifice sound for performance and I'm okay with that ! It's got a clean deep sound like a stock performance exhaust would if that's what you're looking for this is the setup ! The car sounds like it should ! Not to mention how easy it was to install. You only need to make one cut and the rest is both off The only struggles of course are those two rusty exhaust bolts but nothing PB blaster can't fix !

Michael S.
United States United States

Stealth Exhaust Set Up

I was tired of replacing rusted out exhaust (original Ford exhaust lasted more than 12 years, the aftermarket replacement less than 2), so I purchased and installed the Fswerks stealth stainless steel exhaust system on my 2007 Focus ZX3 2.0L and it sounds great! Nice rumble when you plant your foot in it, a little louder than stock; definitely not ricer sounding at all!

United States United States

Install was great and easy

It was super easy to install took max like 30 mins on the lift. Sounds amazing, definitely not loud until you get on it. Honestly droned less than the factory exhaust. One complaint I guess would be that the tip doesn't stick out far at with the SAP kit.

Clayton J.
Canada Canada

Much better than stock

The hardest part of the install is getting the old exhaust system removed. The FSWERKS system fits in place easily after that. Glad I went with the stealth version as it provides a nice exhaust note that doesn't drone on long highway trips.

Phillip M.
United States United States

Great quality - a bit loud

I installed a stealth system on my 2007 Focus 2.0 five speed. I wanted a stainless system so it will survive our winters. The installation was very easy - I had to cut the two flange bolts and cut the pipe to get the old system off. The Stealth system fit perfectly. The bends are beautiful and welds are nice. I went and bought some band clamps to use instead of the provided u-bolt clamps. Band clamps will let me take it apart easily, if necessary. This system replaces the second catalytic converter. That converter is not monitored by OBD so you can get away with it. Unless you're in a state with a visual inspection - I am not. The mufflers are magnetic. They may be 400 series stainless..? The sound is great at idle and taking off from a stop. It's a little louder than I would like when going down the highway at 80 MPH. With my little car and the five speed, I'm buzzing it over 3,000 RPM at that speed. If I slow down to 70MPH, it's not bad. In years to come, if the mufflers get louder, I'll cut one of the straight-through mufflers out and install a stainless Moroso spiral flow.

Mark M.
United States

So far so good

Well getting the original system made me sore for 3 weeks. Took about 3 hours to remove and cut it down to size to fit in the trash can. Installing the new system took about 30 minutes. So with the new system installed and test driving, sort of strange to me. Car sounds slow but I’m going fast. I dont use the radio and drive with the windows rolled down so I hear everything. At first it was pretty loud but now my ears are sort of tuning out the sound and I’m getting use to it. Overall my old system was leaking; 15 years old and I needed a replacement. As far as performance goes I don’t any point of measurement, so I make a claim that my car is faster or I would be lying. But it sounds cool. At any rate, I don’t have the tune or build needed to see the full potential of the system to give it accolades for performance and enhancement.

Huntington Beach CA

Easy install, great sound!

Installed outside in my apartment complexes parking lot. Super easy to install, taking old system off was more difficult. Great low sound.

Kyle K.
United States

Fswerks stealth exhaust

I purchased this kit from Fswerks this week. I am very happy with my decision :) I bought it on a Tuesday and installed it the next day after work. I must say the quality and fit were perfect. The sound is great and the performance is better. Great job Fswerks! I highly recommend this product to any Focus nut like me. I am stuck on the 03 2.3 model still, but some day I will get a newer and faster model. Until I upgrade this Fswerks stealth exhaust kit is just what the doctor ordered. :grin: By the way Raphi looked just as proud of it as I was happy to get it! Thanks again Fswerks!

Robert J.


Thank you Robert :)


FSWerks exhaust for Ford Focus ZX 3.

Great, exhaust was very straight forward to install. Actually took longer to remove the stock exhaust. FSWerks exhaust looks and sounds great. I would highly recommend this to any one looking for an aftermarket exhaust.

Randy H.
United States

FSWerks exhaust for Ford Focus ZX 3.

Great, exhaust was very straight forward to install. Actually took longer to remove the stock exhaust. FSWerks exhaust looks and sounds great. I would highly recommend this to any one looking for an aftermarket exhaust.

Randy H.
United States

well worth all 5 stars

Ok so I don't know where to start but this is an awesome product. Comes with the exhaust gasket and new bolts for resonator. Had it installed by myself with a jack and Jack stands within an hour. Awesome sound! Just enough on takeoff and softens at steady peddle so you don't have the roar inside. Absolutely love it. Job well done Fswerks!