FSWERKS Aluminum Shift Bracket Bushing Kit - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018, Focus RS 2016+, Fiesta ST 2014+

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Eliminate Sloppy Shifts Forever!

Our CNC machined aluminum shift bushings tighten up the movement of your shifter cables, literally connecting your hand to the gears. When shifting the factory rubber bushings flex causing a delay when trying to engage the transmission into gear. The FSWERKS bushings eliminate this delay and provide a precision shift. If you're looking to feel your shifts without the slop, these bushings are the answer!

FSWERKS bushings are CNC machined from T6061 aluminum and fit precisely within the shift bracket. Kit comes with 6 aluminum bushings. Installation requires approximately 1 hour.

Ford Focus ST 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Ford Focus RS 2016+
Ford Fiesta ST 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018


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FSWERKS FSWERKS Aluminum Shift Bracket Bushing Kit - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018, Focus RS 2016+, Fiesta ST 2014+ ReviewFSWERKS FSWERKS Aluminum Shift Bracket Bushing Kit - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018, Focus RS 2016+, Fiesta ST 2014+ Review


Instructions were very clear and thorough (probably the best instructions I’ve received with anything I’ve ordered lol), bushings fit perfectly. This along with the short throw adapter shortened and tightened my shifts perfectly. Fantastic combo. Very high quality too.

Vincent W.
United States United States

Maybe not?

Install was terrible but the shifts feel a little nicer now. I wish these were threaded for easy installation or use hot glue or super glue to keep them attached to the bracket while reinstalling. I did it freehand and it was miserable. I'll be okay.

Andrew V.
United States United States

Smooth as Glass!

I waited a year to put these in, because I thought it was going to be a huge job taking the battery out. Boy was I wrong to wait this long. So recently I installed a short shift kit from Boomba, and that was fun, but the effort to put the car into increased; it felt as though something was binding between my shifter and the transmission. I remembered Raffi‘s video showing how much play there would be in the stock bracket bushings. But I also knew there is a lot of play in the cable end bushings. I was having a problem with second gear, intermittently it has an issue with engagement sometimes it will go into gear perfectly, other times it has a click click instead of a thunk. Due to the clique clique, I would sometimes stop on the first click thinking it was in gear and because the second click is extremely subtle; When I let the clutch out, the car would grind and knock it out of gear. this happened repeatedly on a regular basis and became increasingly annoying. Because of the squish in the stock cable bushings and bracket bushings I would think the car was in gear because their give would make me feel as though I reach the end of the travel. The click click is an internal transmission issue, it was not fixed by these bushings, I didn’t expect it to. However, with these bushings I now feel when the car is fully in gear. Keep in mind I paired these bushings with a set of NTC bushings for the cable ends. The combination of these two bushing sets creates an extremely smooth shifting experience, as if the shifter and gear selector are on rails. Every gear except for second is smooth as glass for me, and for you probably every gear will be. I have had this issue since the car was new, but Ford always wanted to charge me $125 for a diagnostic which I found to be outrageous, I paid it once and they found nothing they said they could not reproduce the issue, so I just live with it. These bushings make a living with it Livable, lol. When I pulled the stock bracket bushings off at exactly 23,000 miles they were completely worn through. And I mean holes in them! Due to the friction caused by moving the shift cables back-and-forth for 23,000 miles Fords bushings failed, rubber bushings have no place being on this bracket PERIOD. Yet another well engineered product from Raffi here at FSwerks! Well done sir! If any of my friends who have focus ST’s are having shifting problems, I will direct them to you. And if they are worried about the installation process, I’ll do it for them! Lol

Patrick M.
United States United States


installed with a short shift, highly recommend. Tight shifts

zach m.
United States United States


These bushing combined with the short shift kit eliminated all slop and made shifting so much better! Highly recommended!

Shane J.
Canada Canada

Pretty straight forward

I'd recommend doing them whenever you upgrade the transmission mount , it would be easier to get to the bracket as your battery box and everything will be out already. I put these in just by taking out my intake but it was annoying to get the back one in.

Dillon N.
United States United States

Worth the money

Combined nicely with the short shift kit. I added these about 2 weeks after the short shift kit and definitely recommend them. I should have ordered them in the first place.

Mark D.
United States United States

Great Product! Definitely improves Shifter

Great Product! Definitely improves Shifter feel!

Christopher M.
United States

Everything a tune shop should be.

These days, if you don't spend $10K at a shop, you don't get polite staff to pay any attention to you let alone help with questions and suggestions. FSWERKS completely had my attention and loyalty just by how professional they are on the phone!! Rafi is the consummate professional. Polite, helpful and genuine. I will recommend FSWERKS to every single person I know. They helped me when even the dealer wouldn't/couldn't.

United States

Great product and price!

Highly recommend anyone who mods there Focus to get these.

Travis L.
United States

It was great. Really helped

It was great. Really helped with the shift cable stiffness

Rocio G.
United States

Great Bushings

This is a must have. It definitely removes the slop from the shifter, making it more notchy.

Ryan S.
United States

FSWerks Aluminum Shifter Bushings

Nice upgrade to the mushy rubber/urethane oem bracket bushings based solely on looking and comparing. My car only had 300 miles at the time of installation, so..... Only gripe is that the kit should include a spare, especially at their price, since dropping one into the abyss is probably a common thing.

United States

Can’t tell the difference

Not a dramatic change. Money Better spent elsewhere. Live and learn.

brandon b.
Los Angeles


They work amazing! feels like a new shifter, make sure you use a lot of glue, I had them drop onto the belly pan 3 times.

Eric H.
United States

Worth it

Had FSWERKS go ahead and install this in my 17’ ST. I had the Steeda Short Shifter and Steeda Shifter Bracket prior to having these bushings, the shifts were pretty decent but these bushings cleaned up the shifts entirely, feels much more solid and rugged. Having a good shift feel is important since we are constantly running through the gears, and this product makes it very enjoyable. Would recommend!

Wyatt H.
Chino, CA

FSWERKS Short Shift Kit and Aluminum Shift Bracket Bushing Kit

Absolutely fantastic product for my 2017 RS. The bolt on short shift kit places the driving experience to another level and I believe that with such a great gearbox this car should be supplied with it straight from the factory. I’d also suggest to remove rubber bushing from the shift bracket and install FSWERKS aluminium bushing kit as it stabilizes the shifter significantly. This mod is inexpensive and delivery service is next to none. Thanks FSWERKS Ivan Australia

Ivan R.

Best bang for your buck

Easily the best bang for you buck upgrade on the Fiesta ST. I don't know about everyone else, but my 2016 always had this slight clunky vibration between shifts. When I decided to purchase these I really didn't pay attention to what I was buying. I thought they went on the cable itself. When I seen that they just go on the bracked that holds the cable, I thought as though I just wasted $30. I mean, how could changing bushings on something that doesn't move, help my car. Installation instructions were great. I have an Injen intake, so all I did was remove the battery and ECU which gave me plenty of space to work with. Just pulling out of driveway and into 1st gear I knew there was a difference!! Now my shifts are smooth, direct, and the power comes right back in play faster because of it. Amazing Amazing Amazing. Very satisfied with these. Also a great time to put in the FS Werks short shift adapter while your in there. That helped the throw a lot too. Do yourself a favor and get these on your car

Sarasota, FL


Thanks for the great feedback Paul :-)


Bushings are good!

These bushings make a big difference. It used to fill like it was catching, but now no more.

Jeremy W.
United States

No brainer

I installed theses with the short shift kit at the same time and it made my ST a brand new car. The bushings crisp up the shifts so much. 10/10 recommend

Charles A.
United States