FSWERKS Rear Engine Mount - Ford Focus SPI/Zetec/SVT/Duratec 2000-2007

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The Ford Focus factory engine mounts were designed as soft, flexible units, to provide a comfortable drive. The drawback was the relatively large amount of engine movement the OEM mounts allowed under torque load and on hard acceleration. Such engine movement decreases stability under high performance driving conditions and rapid gear selection.

To reduce this movement FSWERKS engineered a complete fitted replacement with specially shaped molded, 70A durometer polyurethane inserts. The mount body is machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum, being almost twice as strong than the OE cast material. Installation should take no more than 15 minutes. This high performance mount provides a difference in the stability of the car when accelerating and braking hard. Gear changing under hard acceleration is also enhanced.

Replacement polyurethane and metal inserts are also offered.

NOTE: For street use, we recommend using only the rear engine mount. Using all mounts together will cause some vibration (due to the nature of performance polyurethane mounts) that may not be desired for a daily driver, and is more for track use (Road racing, drag racing, autocross, etc).

Torque Specifications: (35ft lbs) two bolts

Ford Focus SPI 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Ford Focus Zetec 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
Ford Focus SVT 2002 2003 2004
Ford Focus Duratec 2.0L & 2.3L 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

(For all sedan and coupe automatic and manual transmission cars)

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FSWERKS FSWERKS Rear Engine Mount - Ford Focus SPI/Zetec/SVT/Duratec 2000-2007 Review


Fit and finish was perfect! Made a big difference! Highly recommend!

Alex R.
United States United States
FSWERKS FSWERKS Rear Engine Mount - Ford Focus SPI/Zetec/SVT/Duratec 2000-2007 Review

Much better than OEM

Part ordered on friday night arrived monday and installed Monday.... so far much better than the oem part, I see a lot of people say this is a hard install as a mechanic a few tips are 1 Remove the passenger side motor mount this let's you have more room when you jack up the motor , 2 it's a tight fit so use a dead blow hammer to tap it in place , 3 use a pry bar and pick to find the holes as you cant see much and it should take less than 20 min to install ;) gone swap all 3 I see they say theres vibration but having a fox body with solid motor mounts I don't see it being that bad :) here's a pic of the part and the trashed oem mount that lasted 3 months lol

United States United States

Works Great

Item was delivered in a timely manner. Very well packaged. Item just as described. I purchased this because the OEM rubber mounts continued to fail. I would get one year out of them. So.... I decided to spend the extra money and buy this mount. It is much stiffer. You can feel the difference between rubber and poly. But to me, it's better than buying a new one every year.

Kenneth D.
United States United States

FSWERKS rear engine mount

I am quite pleased with the motor mount that i received from you, I can tell by looking at it that it is well made and should last for a long time, I have installed it and I do believe that it has helped to reduce some of the engine vibration that I was experiencing.

Jestin F.
United States United States

Noticeable Difference

I installed this along with a short throw shifter and, together, REALLY firmed up the shifting feel. My OEM mount wasn’t in bad condition either and it was still noticeable. Highly recommend this bang for the buck

Cody A.
United States United States

Rear motor mount

This was an awesome part for my car and works well

Matthew J.
United States United States


All is perfect many thanks at FSwerks team

Jean-Marc S.
France France

Salvage title to supercar... a boy can dream

Nicely machined and made part. Order arrived upon time. All parts were well packed and undamaged. Bought all three mounts because they were on sale. Two upper mounts seem good. Engine was moving around and loading up the driveline, a lot. Could just push on top of motor with a single finger and load it up. Was thinking I was going to have to junk car because body or subframe is broke/bent. This "transaxle roll restrictor" fixed the rocking and shifting issue. Power gets to the wheels faster and smoother. Accelerates like a "hot hatch" now. Stock ZX3 so took some trial and error to get the piece in and the bolts lined up. It is a nicely machined piece. However, the under carriage of the ZX3 is not nicely machined. Used 1/2" 13mm sockets. More futzing around than the SVT or versions with an easily movable plate. Resorted to soft hammering in the piece in a couple of times to loosen up the tight fit. Putting the mount almost in place. Then getting the egine side bolt in. Then rolling/moving the motor to get the body side bolt lined up. Easily enough for a beginner wrench. The worst part is all the neglect falling in your face. Seeing why your power steering is not working :D

United States United States

does not add as much vibration as you think

after installing i noticed a difference immediately and was pleasantly surprised

Michael R.
United States United States

Rear engine mount.

It's been a good product and it was a necessary upgrade after getting a tune with drag launch. Highly recommended for anyone that drives there car hard on a daily.

Steven L.
United States United States


Great much better shifts on automatic.

Norma K.
United States United States

Missing link

This motor mount completely blew me out of the water after install. I no longer have shift grinds and changing only the rear mount did not add any noticeable vibrations. Every focus owner should atleast replace this mount to get better drive ability and response. I will continue improving handling on my car and FSWERKS never ceases to amaze me with their knowledge and opinions. You guys earned a customer for life.

Mario G.
United States United States


Very solid mount. Will definitely be upgrading the side mounts as well. I had to sand down the end of the steel piece inside the bushing by maybe half of a mm to get it into the bracket on the transmission, but other than that...easy install.

Bryan W.
United States United States


It was a breeze to install and took out any play from the vibration I usually was feeling.

Jacob H.
United States United States
Austin S.
United States United States
Juan H.
United States United States

Great improvement

Car shifts better and helps with wheel hop on take off made my 05 zx3 feel like new great product i highly recommend this to all of my focus friends

United States United States

Works well.

Works as advertised. No excessive vibration problems at idle. Manual shifts feel slightly firmer and more precise. Easy to install but, contrary to the instructions, removing the three "carrier" bolts as well as the two engine mount bolts makes the install far easier on a ZX3.

Paul C.

Good Upgrade For the Money

The mount was easy to install. It added a noticeable stiffness to the front end. Acceleration feels more direct.

Eric C.
United States

High quality stuff

Just installed the poly lower engine mount, the shifting (automatic) doesn't thud in the same way anymore. Still a lot of vibrations but that is probably from the hydraulic mount which needs replacing still. I can say that the build quality is superb, very light for how beefy it is, smoothly machined. Expecting it to last the life of the car and then some.

Derrick C.
United States